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Bulk Cargo Expertise

We specialize in handling bulk cargo logistics, providing you with top-notch solutions for your liquid and solid cargo needs.

Flexitanks & Liners

We offer a range of options, including monolayer and multilayer bags, available for both top and bottom loading.

Variety of Sizes

Choose from a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 KL to 26 KL, to match your cargo requirements.

High-Quality Bags

Our bags are designed for durability and reliability, with 3 or 4 layers of PE + 1 PP construction.

Custom Accessories

We offer a selection of accessories, including EVOH barriers for wine, escape valves, and heater pads.

Waste Management

We provide comprehensive waste management solutions to ensure environmentally responsible cargo handling.

Liquid and Solid Bulk Cargo

We operate throughout Spain, with strategically located stocks in major entry and exit ports.

Nationwide Operations:

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Shipping Agreements

Benefit from our special agreements with leading shipping companies, ensuring smooth and cost-effective cargo transportation.

Door to Door Deliveries

We offer door-to-door delivery services, taking care of your cargo logistics from start to finish.

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