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Customs Services

Simplifying Your Global Trade Compliance.

We are committed​  to providing you with comprehensive solutions to navigate the complexities of customs regulations and optimize your global trade operations. With our expertise and tailored customs depots, entrust us with your cargo management needs for seamless and compliant international trade.

Management of Customs Operations

Our Customs Services handle all types of operations before Customs Authorities at any destination. We ensure smooth customs clearance for your shipments, whether it’s import or export, streamlining the process for hassle-free dispatch.

Foreign Commerce and Customs Advisory

Our team provides expert advice on foreign commerce and customs processes. Stay informed and compliant with ever-changing regulations, optimizing your international trade operations.

Assistance in Tax Inspections

We offer support during tax inspections, helping you navigate complex procedures and ensuring compliance with tax authorities.

Import and Export Authorizations Management

For goods subject to special regulations, our team manages import and export authorizations. Trust us to handle the intricate paperwork and approvals required for smooth customs clearance.

Security Before Customs Authorities

We prioritize the security of your shipments and work diligently to meet all security requirements set by Customs Authorities, safeguarding your goods throughout the import or export process.

Fiscal Representation

Our fiscal representation service ensures compliance with tax obligations in the countries where you conduct business, simplifying your international transactions.


We handle the INTRASTAT reporting requirements, ensuring accurate and timely submission of statistical information for intra-EU trade

Customs Depots

Tailored Storage Solutions for Your Goods


Benefit from secure and time-efficient temporary storage solutions under the Authorized Economic Operator status.

Temporal Depot

Store your goods in our Temporal Depot, meeting your short-term storage needs conveniently and economically.


Our Warehouse service provides safe and organized storage options, ensuring the integrity of your goods during short or long-term storage periods

DAP (Delivered At Place)

Experience hassle-free deliveries with our DAP service, where we take care of customs clearance and delivery to your specified location.

Public Custom Depot

Store your goods in compliance with customs regulations under the supervision of Customs Authorities in our secure Public Custom Depot.

DDA (Deferred Duty Agreement)

Optimize your cash flow with our DDA service, deferring duty payments until your goods are released from customs.

Different Than Custom Depot

Tailored to your specific requirements, our Different Than Custom Depot service offers flexible storage solutions outside traditional customs facilities.

LAME Warehouse (Location with Access to the Sea for Export Goods)

OptimizBenefit from our LAME Warehouse, strategically located with sea access, for efficient handling and exporting of goods.

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