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Project Cargo

Our Project Cargo service offers comprehensive macro-project solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of large-scale and complex shipments. Whether it’s a massive industrial project or a major infrastructure development, our experienced team is equipped to handle every aspect of the logistics process efficiently and effectively.

We take pride in delivering exceptional logistics services for all types of projects, regardless of their scale or intricacy. Our global network, extensive experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction make us your reliable partner for overcoming shipping challenges and achieving success in your ventures. Let us navigate the complexities of your cargo transportation while you focus on achieving your project objectives with confidence.

Turnkey Project

With our Turnkey Project service, we offer end-to-end management of your shipment. From initial planning and coordination to final delivery, our experts handle every aspect of the logistics, allowing you to focus on your core project goals while we ensure a smooth and successful transportation process.

Door to Door Multimodal Transport

Our Project Cargo Solutions offer seamless door-to-door multimodal transportation. By combining various transportation modes such as sea, air, rail, and road, we optimize the shipping route for efficiency and reliability, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination on time and intact.

Special Transports, Chartering, and Oversized:

Special Transports, Chartering, and Oversized:


Experience hassle-free bulk cargo transportation with our FLEXITANKS & LINERS service. Whether you require import or export solutions, we are committed to delivering high-quality, secure, and efficient cargo transportation services tailored to your specific needs. Partner with us for a seamless cargo journey today!

Your Ultimate Solution for Liquid and Solid Bulk Cargo Import or Export

Top or Bottom Load

We provide the flexibility of top or bottom loading options, ensuring convenience and efficiency during the cargo loading process.

Variety of Sizes

Our containers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 16 to 26 KL, allowing you to choose the most suitable capacity for your cargo volume.

High-Quality Bags

 Our bags are crafted with utmost precision, featuring 3 or 4 layers of PE (Polyethylene) and 1 layer of PP (Polypropylene) for enhanced durability and secure transportation.

Accessory Options

To meet your cargo-specific needs, we offer various accessories, including EVOH barriers for wine transportation, escape valves for precise pressure control, and heater pads for temperature-sensitive cargo.

Waste Management

We take environmental responsibility seriously, providing efficient waste management solutions to ensure sustainable and eco-friendly practices throughout the transportation process.

Nationwide Coverage

Our operational reach extends throughout Spain, and we maintain stocks at the main ports of entry and exit, ensuring prompt and smooth cargo handling.

Strong Partnerships

 Benefit from our special agreements with the leading shipping companies, securing reliable and cost-effective freight services for your cargo.

Door to Door Deliveries

 Simplify your logistics with our comprehensive Door to Door delivery service, handling all aspects from pick-up to final delivery.

Technical Advising

 Our dedicated team of experts is always available to provide you with technical advice and support, ensuring smooth and hassle-free cargo operations.

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