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Air Freight Service

Air Freight is a fast and efficient method of transporting goods by air. It offers speed, reliability, global reach, and secure handling for time-sensitive shipments. With real-time tracking and the ability to handle specialized cargo, it plays a crucial role in connecting businesses worldwide and facilitating rapid deliveries across various industries.

Our air freight services are designed to meet various needs of our customers

Providing reliable, secure, and personalized solutions for air cargo transportation. With our highly trained team and extensive network of strategic partners, we offer first-class air freight services to ensure customer satisfaction and efficiency in every shipment.

Airpot to Airport & Door to Door

The Airpot to Airport & Door to Door option refers to our comprehensive air freight service that covers both delivery from the origin airport to the destination airport and the final delivery from door to door. We provide integrated logistics solutions to ensure your cargo reaches its final destination quickly and securely, whether it is an airport or a specific location of your choice.

Hand Carrier service

Our Hand Carrier service stands out for providing personalized and dedicated attention. We have specialized teams that handle the transportation of your air cargo safely and directly, ensuring reliable and fast delivery. This service is ideal for urgent, valuable, or sensitive shipments that require specialized handling.

Charter service

Our Charter service offers a flexible and tailored solution for your air cargo shipments. With this service, you can book an entire aircraft to transport your cargo, allowing for customized scheduling and planning based on your specific needs. This option is perfect for large shipments, logistical emergencies, or special projects.

AOG service

The AOG (Aircraft on Ground) service is designed for emergency situations where the immediate delivery of critical spare parts or components for the aviation industry is essential. Our highly trained and experienced team mobilizes quickly to ensure your parts reach their destination as soon as possible, minimizing downtime and ensuring operational continuity.


Envirotainers are special containers designed to transport pharmaceutical and perishable products that require a controlled environment during air transportation. Our Envirotainers service ensures the maintenance of optimal temperature and humidity levels to preserve the integrity of your sensitive cargo throughout the air journey, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition at its final destination.

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